Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What now? Music therapy.

A week before Dane passed I went on a girls trip to Atlanta to see Rihanna (aka my FAVORITE person of all time, I know.. I know).  Looking back I see so many signs.  I didnt want to go without my favorite co pilot. We Facetimed like crazy people. I literally cried the whole concert because I was so EXCITED, but we always saw concerts together. Something was just missing. This song came on and I had goose bumps. I felt like she was singing this directly at me but I didnt know a word she was saying.  This was in April 2013, now it is more popular and on the radio but this song has been my outlet since he has been gone. When I came home I made him watch the performance on repeat :) Poor babe. I just put it on and sing at the top of my lungs, thankfully without tears now. I hope yall love it just as much. 

If you know the song, click one of the 2 links to see it live. She is so passionate and the live performance was breath taking.  If not scroll down to see the lyrics on the last link (then watch the live one!!!!!). She is a BOSS! 




  1. Lauren, this song is too perfect. There are so many lines that just hit on things exactly.

    When it says "The more I swear I'm happy the more that I'm feeling alone," I immediately paused the video to read the lyrics again. Yep, so true.

    Thank you for introducing me to this song. I can completely understand why it's been an outlet for you.

  2. Im glad you liked it! Such a good song to blast and get it all out!