Monday, July 22, 2013

Just a few of my favorite things. (A picture blog)

Dane and Butler
 That laugh <3
 Cruisin 2012
 ::insert Scarface "hat" dialog here::
 Relaxing in Grand Caymen
 Swimmin with the fishies in Miami. Scared to death!
 Dane and a very small portion of his friends, Vinny, Ashton and Raj
 Dylan, Dane, Corey and Vinny
 The most handsome ..
 Annaleigh and Dane. Sweetness.
 Our "fam".
 My sister and Dane. My bffs
 Pretty as a princess
 2nd Avenue pier
 Dane and I with Erin and Butler
 My 24th, 2011
 Cruisin 2012
 Comedy Cabana
 Bush 2011
 His 26th, 2011
 Dane and Chase who is now a Marine. He is so proud.
 Erin and my special boy
 Dane, his late father and his sister
 Drake in Columbia. Club Paradise Tour 2012
 Cruisin 2012
 and again, before dinner
 I wish I had a video of him getting into that wet suit ;)
 Morning beach walk with mimosas
 Easter 2011
 Miami Seaquarium
 Closing down at my work with me.
 Erins Birthday 2012
 Wheels up. Next stop Miami!
 Weezer, Dane and Gage.
 Our first anniversary at Barons
 My favorite picture of our last morning walk on the beach before he left us
 Thumbs up!
 My most favorite picture of him
 and again.
 King Kitty and Dane doing what they do best.

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