Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ive got an idea! Rut-roh

Blogging is extremely addictive! I feel like this is similar to the high you would get from meth. And something else thats addictive.. TATTOOS! 
Ive really wanted to get another tattoo for some time now.  While in this mid-life crisis I think it would be special. I dont want to be a copy cat but I have always loved this quote and tattoo on Jenna Jameson.
 "I am not afraid, I was born to do this." Joan of Arc
I have done my research and Im well aware of who Joan of Arc and Jenna Jameson are.  After reading "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale", Jenna's (we're buds) bio I have some serious respect for that woman! She has conquered some rough times that I couldnt even imagine.  

Same for Joan of Arc, of course! Girl power and such as. 
Now I do have one ill-planned tattoo already.  Being 16 with a fake ID is nothing short of a disastrous idea. I planned this tattoo for a solid 20 minutes and me and my bestfriend were off, crossing the SC/NC border to this lovely trailer to get something put on our body for-ev-er by a complete stranger who was higher than the heavens and smelling of dirty bong water. Thankfully we were still young and our immunizations were freshly coursing through our bodies or Im almost positive we would have contracted something lethal from this place. When I think back on it Im not even sure they asked for our IDs. Probably should have asked for his. 

The only things I do not regret about our tattoo travels: 
1. It is not the magical, moon, swirls and stars, repeated pattern my friend got placed right smack across  her entire lower back, colored in so beautifully in pastels. Ewk. 
2. I can cover this sucker up. 
3. I guess any way you look at it I can explain mine away.. 
my Papa died when I was little, angel wings, bam! My last name will always have been Eustace, bam! I love my dad, he is AMAZING, complete daddys girl, bam! He always called myself, my sister and my mom, Charlie's angels, BAM! 
4. I dont have to look at it if I dont want to. 

So here she is, so gracefully placed on my upper left ass cheek. 
Fantastic, right?!
So, what's another going to hurt. Might even make me forget about this one.

Back to my new idea. I have no idea where to put that big ass quote! I dont want it across my back. If Im going to get this I want to see it this time. I would like to have it somewhere I can hide it if I get a big girl job. So, that limits me to my ribs or I really think it'd be cute inside my bicep. When I consider my bicep all that comes to mind is if I get fat or old and have bingo arms it will not be so cute! Dane always wanted to get his late father's face on his ribs so Im drawn to that area.. however, Ive always thought it was a trashy spot on girls. Sorry to offend any of y'all! :x 

Anyone have any placement ideas? 
Please dont tell me to do a trial run with a fake tat. I have removed all sharpies from my home because I like to have cocktails here and there and I know I will wake up with it across my forehead decorated with hearts and smiley faces if drunk me remembers that idea.

Any font ideas?
Do you stick with one font if you get print on you, or switch it up. Im a bit OCD so I think Ill stick with homeboys text he chose for my first masterpiece. 

I also have one more! 
I was thinking of getting a semi colon ( ; ) for Dane. I thought this one through for a long time! You put a semicolon where a sentence could end, but it continues. Like Danes life: although it was taken so suddenly he will live on forever in our hearts. Brilliant huh? Well while packing I ran across some cards and letters Dane wrote and found something even better. I AM settled on getting this SOMEWHERE on my body. Thats about all I have settled on. Probably at the same time I get the other, go big or go home. 

 "Until next time" from one of his letters to his dad. Along with..

"I Love You." 
From a card when he messed up and did something probably very small that I threw a fit over. (notice the word considerate, hahaha. poor guy deserves an award.) I want those. Together. I dont know where, but in his handwriting. My feet are most definately OUT OF QUESTION. No one is touching my feet and I will touch no one else's feet. Except babies. They have cute widdle feet. 

They can stencil that and stuff right? Lord knows us Eustace sisters got the short end of the stick when it comes to anything related to arts and crafts. -Hey Liz!!- I didn't master the cute "hand turkey" until I was well into high school. Its so sad. 

I am open to any ideas! I actually really need them. So comment somewhere! -XO


  1. get it on your inner wrist-right wrist "I am not afraid" left wrist "I was born to do this"

  2. so, I can't sleep and I'm reading all your blogs (love them by the way)

    how you want to get "until next time" and "I love you" - just an idea, you said you wanted to get a semi colon so how about: "until next time; I love you"

    love your witty-ness and rawness

  3. I love that idea! I haven't gotten either yet. I just can't think of placement! Also I kind of want to wait on an occasion and make it special. I'm glad you like to read them.. I honestly didn't know if anyone would read it at all! Thanks for the sweet comment xo